Brand Consulting

If you're well established with a strong vision for the future of your business and the motivation to propel it forward, then you know that capturing your complete brand story is the next step you need to take.  With me working alongside you, you'll soon have the tools to turn your business into an inspirational brand.


Your brand story should immediately speak to your customers: engaging their interest and increasing their understanding but, more than this, it should excite them into action.  The more captivating your story, the simpler it is to engage and enthral your audience; to move and motivate them; to provoke and persuade.

Having a strong brand identity also unites those you work with.  Teams that feel inspired by a shared vision will go the extra mile, helping your business to flourish and grow.


The story-capturing process:


Finding your own brand story can be difficult when you are so closely involved in what you do.

So, let me find it for you.


With my storytelling expertise, I can cast a fresh and objective eye over your business: I’ll guide you through the entire process of putting that story into the right words during a series of consultations designed to discover and capture what makes you exceptional.

My mission is to listen hard and ‘get’ the essence of you, then build that into a brand identity and a set of practical guidelines for how to apply it.


I'll work with you to evaluate and establish your:


  • Story; capturing the unique what, why and how of your business

  • Vision, mission and values

  • Target audience

  • Tone of voice

  • Brand personality

  • Brand messages

Brand guidelines


Less is more. This is not an overwhelming set of inflexible ‘rules’, rigidly enforced to begin with and soon forgotten. Instead, I’ll leave you with practical, easy-to-follow guidelines that will help everyone in the business understand how your brand communications should be handled.