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Despite being a marketing-based business, like a builder, our own house was not fully built and our brand communications were not adequately reflecting our skills. As we entered our tenth year in business, we knew that we needed to invest in our brand so that our positioning and messaging truly conveyed our creativity, enthusiasm and the quality of our work. 


Lidia sat down with us and asked us questions on every part of our business to get under the skin of not just what we do, but what we stand for and believe in.  We had some really thought-provoking conversations about our brand, which enabled us to commit to some important decisions that we had never previously formalised on paper or in our pitches.  From these discussions, Lidia developed a series of brand guidelines that captured who we are, how we operate and where we want to be.


Once our brand story had been defined, Lidia brought on board other experts to help us develop our new visual identity and website, acting as the main point of contact between us and ensuring the work moved ahead at pace and reflected our brand story. 


We are pleased to have retained Lidia’s ongoing services to help us take everything we have created around our brand and put it out to the world in an impactful and consistent way.  I can highly recommend Lidia’s services.  Without her keeping us on track, these important tasks would have stayed on the back burner.