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My earliest memories involve books.  When my parents wanted me to learn piano as a child, the enduring memory of my daily practise sessions is stashing a book behind my sheet music, waiting for them to move out of earshot and then spending the rest of the session reading.  I suppose it paid off fifteen or so years later, when I embarked upon my career in PR and communications.  For almost two decades, I successfully wrote and pitched stories to the media on a daily basis, representing some of the biggest entertainment companies and mainstream entertainment brands.

Today the story has changed.  Rather than selling stories, I now love to help businesses like yours to tell them.

In 2013, I founded my business with a clear vision: to leverage my love of storytelling and my communications expertise to help ambitious founder-led businesses craft human-centred stories that set them apart. Whether your aim is to align your team, impress clients or investors, attract new customers, or engage with influencers, you'll never struggle for the perfect words again.

I always say I'm a prodder and a poker.  I'll ask you all the right questions to get to the heart of the what, why and how behind your business and then I'll turn that into something you can use to talk about who you are and what you do for years to come.

In every single project I've worked on, there's been a moment when my clients have said "That feels just like us!"  I love that it surprises them, but it never surprises me because capturing the very essence of your business is what this process is all about.

That's my story.  And not one musically-inspired moment in it (surprise surprise!)  What's yours?

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Outside of branding there are three other B's in my life that keep me busy and make me happy...


MY 3 B'S

Boys. That's the three I live with in particular.  One adult and two teens, all of them tech, game and gadget-obsessed.

Baking. Not the meticulous, professional kind and certainly not the entering GBBO kind (I couldn't take the stress!). Just the lazy Sunday, knock-up-something-delicious-for-the-family kind.

Books.  Of course.  I read every day without fail. Despite working with words, I'm actually quite a visual person and I love the ability books have to transport you to somewhere completely different.  Need a recommendation for a good read?  Get in touch.  Want to share  your recommendations?  I'm all ears.


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Creating brand stories that capture the very essence of you is underpinned by intuition.  Whether it's knowing the right questions to ask or finding the best way to weave together your unique narrative, you can be sure that my intuitive approach will result in a brand that feels 100% 'you'.

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Defining your brand story is all about transforming you from business to inspirational brand.  I'm here to take you from a company that makes, sells or does something and turn you into an attention-grabbing brand that inspires others and sets you apart from your competitors. 

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Giving you clarity is at the heart of everything I do. That's clarity on who you are, what you stand for and your core purpose, as well as arming you with the right words to communicate clearly and confidently with your audience.


I've seen first hand the way that nailing your brand can reinvigorate you and turbo-charge your plans for your business.  I never fail to get excited when I see my clients rediscover their passion and motivations for starting their businesses after gaining clarity on who they are and where they want to go.

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