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I love talking about brand.  Mostly I do it with my clients, but sometimes I talk to the press or guest blog too.  Click on the images to hear what I have to say (you might even find a useful tip or two for your own brand).

Image by Anmol Arora

Brooklands Radio, Just Women show, February 2024

Where it all began


Brand You Magazine, August 2023

Your small business superpower

Job interview

The Telegraph, June 2023

Job interviews and your personal brand

Image by Jacques Bopp

Speciality Food, March 2023

Brand messaging in retail

Image by Christina @

Stylist, February 2023

The way to boost your personal brand at work

Image by Etienne Girardet

Xolo, The Future is Freelance podcast, December 2022

How entrepreneurs can tell a better story


Tecna UK, October 2022

Boosting your brand at exhibitions

Image by Markus Winkler

Metro, April 2022

Fake reviews and the impact on your brand


MCV, March 2022

Creating authentic videogames brands

DSCF0980.jpg, March 2022

Fireshine Games: a rebrand

Image by Lume Wellness

Beauty Business Journal, February 2022

How beauty brands can tell their story

Image by Matt Botsford

Brooklands Radio, Just Women show, February 2022

Maintaining your brand profile in challenging times

Image by Noah Näf

Growing Business Intelligence, November 2021

Standing out from the crowd and beating the competition

Image by Olia Gozha

Fathomry, March 2021

Brand messaging: friend or foe?

Image by Kirill Sharkovski, March 2020

The story behind your PR

Image by Maegan Martin

Brooklands Radio, Just Women show, December 2019

Every brand has a story to tell

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