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It doesn't matter whether you're a business of one, or one thousand.  Whether you're a day in or thirty years in. 

The sooner you adopt the right strategies, the sooner your business will start to attract the right customers, the easier you'll make sales and the quicker you'll grow and become successful.

Developing a Brand Concept isn’t about the instant creation of a complete brand strategy, but a simple and intuitive first step in determining the direction you want your brand to take.


During an informal and relaxed half-day session I’ll find out what makes your business unique so you can begin to talk about it to your customers in a way that resonates with them.


You’ll end our session with clarity around your emerging brand story and a renewed sense of energy and excitement about your business. 

When Lidia presented her feedback to me a few days after our Brand Concept session, I was honestly blown away.  She had truly listened and understood who I was and what I was all about.  She captured everything in a way that made me feel quite emotional. Now I feel so ready to tackle the next steps in preparing my brand for its official launch.



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