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Brand Master Plan+ contains all the elements of the Brand Master Plan, plus a whole lot more.

Crafting a clear brand strategy is just the beginning. Now it's time to unleash your brand's potential, make a lasting impact and attract your ideal clients or customers. Acting as your brand guardian, I'll support you over a period of 6-12+ months on a monthly retainer basis, ensuring that your brand truly comes alive.


If other aspects of your brand still need attention, I can assemble a virtual team of brand experts, such brand designers, copywriters, photographers or website designers to help you complete the necessary tasks. Alternatively, I can provide strategic guidance on how to use your Brand Master Plan effectively.


Whatever your specific need, I'll be by your side as you launch your brand into the world. With Brand Master Plan+, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing I have a complete handle on who you are and what your brand represents.


When Lidia offered me her Brand Master Plan+ service, I jumped at the chance. It's all too easy to slip into servicing clients, and I didn't want all the great work we had done together to get lost. Lidia has advised, motivated and helped me to live and execute my brand, along with developing areas of my business that will take me to the next stage of growth. 



I can highly recommend the Brand Master Plan+ service from The Brand Storyteller. Lidia has been the angel on my shoulder! As the business has grown and we have taken on exciting new projects, Lidia’s advice on how to adapt and evolve our brand story has been invaluable.



It was an easy decision to carry on working with Lidia because we know she understands what we are trying to achieve and we value her guidance in raising awareness of our brand. Through her Brand Master Plan+ support, she has helped with a wide variety of tasks and we fully trust her judgement because she really gets us and how we tick.



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